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DF Dane has spent more than 40 years working as a professional artist. His atmospheric and ethereal depictions of Broadland landscape are known throughout the world.

British Artist DF Dane - Remembrance


Almost 60 years ago a 5 year old boy, his mother and reed-thatcher step father arrived in Norfolk aboard a train called The Broadsman.

For the boy David Dane it was the beginning of a life-long love affair with the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. The sights, sounds and smells of a living wetland.

Early attempts to capture the magic of this enchanted area on paper or canvas were frustrating, but as with many other things in life, time and practice makes perfect.

"I first started painting working with the famous Hunter Fleet at Ludham, one of Norfolk's most traditional yards on the Broads. My memories there are nothing but fond and I remember looking out of the window at the ice coloured reeds - it looked like heaven to me. I also skittered trip boats for around five or six years. I had an immediate rapport with the area and thought how lucky I am to be doing this. This fired my imagination and was inspiration for my paintings." David Dane

During the 80's and 90's many of the artist's paintings were put into print and sold worldwide by Rosenstiels of London which introduced his work to a global market. This was probably the first time ever that any artist's scenes of the Broads were published and marketed worldwide


Subsequently David has become one of the best selling artists in print in the UK. His paintings have promoted the Broads all over the world with his most successful print, Romantic Mill (below), selling hundreds of thousands.

In many ways David is an ambassador for Norfolk and many people have been tempted to visit as a result of seeing and experiencing his mystical images of the Broads.

The artist is renowned for his biennial exhibitions which attract people from all over Britain. The original oils are very collectable and sell quickly, usually on the first day. Dave Dane has received as much as £7,000 for a single painting.

David has recently selected his most treasured works and made these available as Giclee prints, ensuring that whatever your budget, it is now possible to own one of these beautiful enduring images of Norfolk.

David is truly a son of Norfolk and proud to be part of celebrating and promoting the very best this county and country has to offer.

His story was published in 1989 in the now out of print "David Dane's Broadland". This 89 page book includes colour reproductions of his oil paintings of the Norfolk Broads through the seasons, with captions opposite.

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